‘I’ve always felt these spaces were ours’: disability activism and austerity capitalism

DPAC outside Rishi Sunak’s office when he was chancellor: we will not be silent. October 2021. Photo by Paula Peters.

‘I’ve always felt these spaces were ours’ is an article on DPAC’s (Disabled People Against Cuts) activism published in the radical academic journal City: analysis of urban change, theory, action.

It is written by Debbie Humphry and based on interviews with DPAC members. It looks at how disability was created as an exclusionary category during industrial capitalism and continues today during contemporary austerity capitalism. It then looks in detail at the fantastic and inspiring activist strategies of the DPAC campaigners and argues that putting disability at the centre of anti-capitalist and urban struggles is crucial.

The article also has great photos by Paula Peters (DPAC).

Many thanks to DPAC for their time, the interviews and for reading and approving the article.

The article is available here: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13604813.2023.2172907