Next Online Organising Meeting – 24th October 2020, 11am

Our next organising meeting is Saturday 3rd October at 11am via Zoom.

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These are very difficult times, but it’s essential we keep up the fight to win Homes for All, not just during a pandemic, but always. Now the government has lifted the COVID eviction ban, Shelter estimates up to 230,000 households could be at risk of homelessness.  We want to hear what’s going on in your area and update on the anti-eviction campaign.

We’ll discuss:

  • Planning changes and the planned White Paper – what Government wants, and what we can do
  • Empty homes and homeless people – how to connect them?

Get in touch if there are housing issues we can help with, or if you 
need a hand.

It’s clear whose interests Government is lining up with: Housing 
minister Lord Greenhalgh says more evictions are how to end lockdown, 
and the Government is pushing owners to convert more commercial 
buildings into homes without planning approval
and the safety controls 
involved.  But tenants also won a victory this week, when a district 
Court said it’s illegal for landlords to ban tenants claiming housing 
benefit (though Government is trying to overturn this by appeal).

We want to step up pressure for Government action to stop a wave of 
evictions, suspend rents for those losing income, pay housing and other 
benefits from day one, and start work to create 100,000 new council 
homes.  The Prime Minister is promising more investment in public
infrastructure – but still leaving council housing off his list.  We
will work out ways to step up the pressure for investment in new and
reclaimed council homes.

We’ve urged the Labour Party to continue their pledge to reform national housing policy on Labour’s policy forum:

Our survey has confirmed how tenants, and especially private 
renters and those who are ill, are struggling.  You can see the initial 
results here: