Kill the Housing Bill – Opposition Spreading


Opposition is spreading fast.  The House of Lords may vote to block the Bill’s progress in Parliament (for a while at least).  This is the time to step up efforts and build the march against the Bill – to show our united determination and pressure MPs to oppose it too.
50,000 leaflets have gone out in the last week.  Posters and stickers are also now available.

New supporters include National Union of Teachers, CWU post and telecoms trade unions, Peoples Assembly, two London councils and the Momentum campaign (supporters of Jeremy Corbyn). And 74 academics nail the Housing Bill – seeGuardian letters (the second letter).

How you can help
* Can you phone 5 tenant groups/reps in the next week to help get the word out ?  We can send a list, plus suggested ‘script’ of points.  Please email if you can help.
* Lords – can you email 20 Lords to explain why the Bill is wrong?
* Get the word out:
   – use leaflet, posters, stickers and petition.  Collect from Unite office 128 Theobalds Rd WC1X 8TN  (check first if you need a lot ) or  email to get them posted.
   – like and share  Facebook  National Demo Against The Housing Bill and  petition:Stop the Housing Bill
* Come to the next Kill the Bill organising meeting 2nd March 7pm  – not at usual place but at Unite 33-37 Moreland St London EC1V 8BB (unless you hear otherwise)
What’s on 
29 Feb      7pm Housing Public Meeting Ealing Town Hall Unite Community 07983 977775
2 March    7pm Kill the Housing Bill organising meeting
6 March    1pm London Youth march for Homes – Facebook:YOUTH MARCH FOR HOUSING (LONDON)
7 March    6pm London Mayoral election hustings: NUT – details and tickets here 
                   and see petition:   Teachers, Students and Key Workers
8 March    6.30pm islington Council meeting for all residents on the Housing Bill – at Town Hall