Join Peter Apps, 23 May : Show Me The Bodies – How We Let Grenfell Happen

Peter Apps will be signing books at Bookmarks Bookshop on 23 May

Come and join Peter Apps, Deputy Editor of Inside Housing as he discusses his acclaimed book

Peter Apps reported on fire safety before Grenfell and afterwards. He helped to unpick the lie that flammable cladding had been banned, and so the government had a case to answer about why such materials were on the tower.

Peter reported on the harrowing evidence presented at the public inquiry, detailing every shift and evasion of civil servants and by the manufacturers about how the disaster was allowed to happen.

The chapters in Peter’s book alternate between a sympathetic account of the experience of those inside the tower who were exposed to the horrors of the fire, combined with a detailed examination of how our housing, economic and political systems facilitated the tragedy.

The book is essential reading for all those who are campaigning for justice for the 72 people who died, and to ensure that this never happens again.

Peter will be speaking in person at Bookmarks Bookshop and the event will also be live streamed.

Tuesday 23 May, 6:30pm at Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street London WC1B 3QE

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