Homes for All supports Early Day motion on Crane safety

East London Advertiser reports on the vigil at the first anniversary of the crane collapse killing June Harvey in Bow.

EDM (Early Day Motion)286 was tabled on 06 July 2021. It says:

That this House notes with deepest regret that 8 July 2021 marks the tragic death of June Harvey after a tower crane fell on her house in Bow in 2020; further notes with sadness other fatalities as a result of crane collapses; pays tribute to the construction safety campaign, largely led by bereaved relatives and trade unions, raising concerns about the under-regulation of health and safety in the construction industry amidst a reduction in inspections and reductions in the Health and Safety Executive’s resources, particularly since 2010; and calls on the Government to ensure that legislation and guidance regulating cranes are robust and that the HSE has the resources for vigorous enforcement.

It has been signed by 13 MPs so far. You are urged to contact your MP to ask them to sign it.

Homes for All joins leaseholders and tenants outside Downing Street to say “Developers must pay”

Demonstrators in Wales, Leeds and Chelmsford keep up the pressure for government to end the cladding scandal

A wave of protests across the country greeted the first reading of the Building Safety Bill, which does next to nothing to help leaseholders facing life-changing bills for fire safety remediation. The Action for Fire Safety Justice group helped to coordinate the protests and pledged to continue them until their demands are met.

Pictures from the London protest by photojournalist Mark Kerrison.

ITV Report from Leeds protest, with interview with Hilary Benn MP, Saturday 17 June.

The Protest in Wales on Saturday was joined by two Cardiff politicians

Meanwhile a flashmob descended on the Novello sales centre in Chelmsford, including Chelmsford TUC, where protesters were able to speak to six potential buyers and let them know that Bellway was still building homes with flammable cladding. Given that the protest was not advertised beforehand, the turnout was pretty impressive!

Chelmsford showroom protest, 17 July 2021

Steve Day from Polluter Pays Bill joined our Homes for All meeting the same day and we agreed to publicise the campaign here. Steve wrote to us:

“The Building Safety Bill is the Government’s last chance to remedy this grave injustice of the Building Safety Crisis by implementing a solution that places the burden of dealing with the crisis on the shoulders of those who caused it. Only legislation can make those developers that built unsafe buildings pay for the cost of their failures. They took the profits and now must be made to compensate their innocent victims. If no action is taken, the slow drumroll of forfeitures, evictions, bankruptcies, mounting mental health problems, and even suicides will be placed at the Government’s door.

Campaigners with the help of experts and counsel have devised and pushed forward a Polluter Pays Bill which the government are actively considering to include in the Building Safety Bill. The proposal, is based on existing environmental legislation, where a wide pool of those responsible for causing the problem in the first place bear the responsibility to cover the costs of putting it right – in this case, placing the responsibility with developers, subcontractors, materials suppliers and architects, as opposed to innocent leaseholders or the taxpayer.

The proposal has already won the backing of 14 cross party back benchers and 4 peers and has been tabled twice in Parliament, but not yet debated on. Campaigners are urging Government to add these clauses to the Building Safety Bill, as it will bring in much needed consumer protection for buildings common to many other kinds of purchases. It takes the burden away from innocent leaseholders for pursuing litigation, doesn’t require tax payer funds and doesn’t make other innocent parties pay to bail out the construction industry’s failures. It will also free up existing funding for non-defective buildings and where no responsible party can be found.

In the end, it has to be right for all those that breach building regulations be made to pay in full for fixing their mistakes. This bill will achieve that, the government have a moral duty to include it.
How you can help!

1) Write and get everyone you know to write to their MPs to urge the government to include Polluter Pays In the Building Safety Bill.

2) Get pressure groups onboard with the bill. This is the fight of a generation for future building as well as clearing up the mess of the last 20 years.

3) Share our website and raise awareness :

Background information on the building safety campaign:

Campaign group Action for Fire Safety Justice FB Twitter

Building Safety Crisis map of buildings

Protests are going on all across the country – find out where

Action: Cladding campaigners to take the fight to Downing Street 15 July

We are calling everyone who can make it down to support this important protest.

The Building Safety Bill is getting a hearing this week, but it doesn’t protect leaseholders, it protects developers. We must demand that developers pay, not innocent leaseholders, and that tenants and leaseholders have the right to safe, secure housing NOW. Action for Fire Safety Justice is the group that organised the developer showroom protests on 5th June. Now we are supporting them as they take the fight to 10 Downing Street.

Action for Fire Safety JusticeFire Safety Crisis Protest

12 pm, Thursday 15 July

10 Downing Street, SW1A 2AA

15th July Fire Safety Crisis Protest Facebook event with details

Background information

Building Safety Crisis map of buildings

Protests are going on all across the country – find out where