Safe and Secure Homes Summit – December 8th 2018, London





Our Secure and Safe Homes Summit will take place on 8th December from 11am at:

The National Education Union, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD


This year’s summit will be a day of workshops and talks, with guest speakers and housing campaign groups from across the UK. It will be a space to discuss the continuing housing crisis which a specific focus on the safety of our homes and the secure, safety needs of the homes of the future.

Prospective workshops include:

  • Housing Associations and safety
  • Effective action
  • Universal Credit, arrears and evictions
  • Rents and repairs
  • Private renters
  • Fire safety and tower blocks
  • Trade Unions and Tenants and Residents Associations

More details to follow soon. If you would like to contribute or volunteer on the day or help spread the word, please get in touch.

Support and bookings for our National Housing Summit 8 Dec are mounting  – the Fire Brigades Union, TUC London East and South East, Generation Rent and London Renters Union are the latest to confirm they are taking part.

We aim to include an extra session on the rising use of Temporary Accommodation.

Please join and share the event on Facebook:

and by email, and get in touch if you want leaflets sent to you.

This was the main focus of our lively organising meeting last Saturday, which came up with lots of action decisions – see:

We’re also planning a ‘Housing and Health’ half-day event in Feb 2019  – let us know if you want to get involved in this.