Grenfell Protests: 6th June and 15th June 2019, London

On 6th June backbench MPs will debate the scandalous failure to rehouse Grenfell tenants or remove toxic waste, improve building and fire regulations, and remove dangerous cladding and other risks to homes.

We will join Grenfell and housing campaign groups at:

Parliament Square, London from 11am on the 6th of June 2019

Let’s demand action on homes, an end to housing deaths and Justice for all at Grenfell and those round Britain still threatened by cladding and building failures.

Please email your MP asking them to join the debate:

And join us on June 6th if you can, help spread the word and share this on Facebook.

On the 15th June, Grenfell community organisations are holding a protest march to demand justice and action on toxic waste and rehousing.  We are backing this march, and invite local groups to invite a speaker, order leaflets and build support from others in your area. 

See leaflet:


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