Bad Housing Makes Us Sick: Action Plan and Next Steps


Bad housing group


More than 100 housing campaigners, tenant reps, doctors and health workers, trade union members and others came and made for a brilliant day of sharing ideas, being inspired and planning action. 

See the final action plan below.  Thanks to everyone who came and/or supported the event. 


Final Action Plan:

Support and build 15 June ‘Grenfell – Never Again’ protest march in central London

Demand grant funding for existing and new council housing.

We need an enforceable right to repairs for all tenants, linked to a regular inspection regime

Housing rights must be enacted and reinforced, with extended and strengthened independent tenant organisation

Back to campaigning – street stalls and action to expose Universal Credit, empty properties, temporary accommodation, NHS- and other public land sales or other local issues

Back the Charter for Housing Action in 2019 – get wider support and extend the alliance for action

Stop the deaths due to bad housing – event at parliament date tbc


Workshop action points:

A)     Universal Credit and benefit cuts

Stop and scrap Universal Credit

Scrap the Bedroom Tax and reinstate rent controls

Campaign to take the arguments out to people (including at job centres) and challenge the culture of blame and stigma

Demand commitment to no evictions due to benefit arrears – from councils, housing associations and private landlords

Lobby Labour and others including GPs organisations, for a change of policy on benefits

We need an accessible information and welfare rights network


B)      Housing Safety after Grenfell

Support and build a demonstration in central London 15 June: especially highlight housing and health contamination issues

Extend Freedom of Information Act to cover any private contractor delivering publicly-funded services or used by public bodies, eg HAs

Promote and distribute ‘Tower Blocks UK’ safety check list and encourage local distribution to tower blocks

Bring building regulation and controls back into public hands and extend tenant control


C)      Housing insecurity and mental/physical health wellbeing

Community action – link housing and health activists; protect community

Cost of housing crisis estimated at £100-£150,000 per head.  This needs to be invested in community health, including legal advice, community action, and decent, secure,affordable homes

Stand together – Unite!




Photos courtesy of Debbie Humphry.


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