Homes for All National Summit, 12 march 2022

Join our online conference to plan campaigns in 2022 for genuinely affordable, secure and safe housing.

Saturday, 12 March, 2022, 11:00 – 15:00


The impact of the pandemic exposed huge disparities in access to decent housing. The removal of support measures for those impacted by the pandemic, the spike in living costs, including food and fuel, along with the threat of rent and service charge hikes across both social and private sector housing, all mean the housing crisis is continuing to damage health, livelihoods, families and communities. Women, black and ethnic minorities are still bearing the brunt of discrimination.

But if we work together we can fight this. New housing groups continue to emerge and win their struggles, such as the Action for Fire Safety Justice Campaign that pressured property developers to take responsibility for cladding costs. We need to challenge the power of developers and the government who continue to prioritise profit over people and the environment.

The aim of the summit is to build strong networked national housing campaigns for the coming year by bringing together local groups, Trade Unionists, MPs and supporters from around the UK to share information and create coordinated solidarities and strategies. The event will have some key speakers but be workshop-based to generate ideas for how we can come together to fight for the secure, genuinely affordable and council homes that people need.

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Homes for All/CAEH Meeting on 15th January 2022 at 11am

Topic: CAEH / Homes4All meeting
Time: Jan 15, 2022 11:00 AM London
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Meeting ID: 871 5252 2544 

HfA Agenda
2. Polluter Pays Amendment and building safety crisis Speaker: Daniell Hambrook
3. Update on Homes for All National Summit on 12 March 22
4. Report back from local groups
4.1 Possible speaker from Clapham Park Estate 
5. Upcoming Local Events –
6. AOB

CAEH Agenda
1. CAEH Local Elections Manifesto 
2.  Idea for a series of meetings – update
3.  Steering Group Meeting on the 27th January
4. DRAFT Election Manifesto –

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